Our methodology

Diversity in investment has always been one of our core tenets, which is why we seek out deals in a broad range of industries. We have been the lead lender to companies and alongside sponsors in most of the transactions in which we’ve invested.

Sectors we invest in  

Where we invest

We’ve invested in companies throughout the United States. LBC supports a diverse range of industries, as evidenced by our efforts in 10 sectors.

  • Consumer discretionary →
  • Consumer discretionary
    $2.2b invested

    Consumer discretionary

    Types of companies within the consumer discretionary sector: automotive supply chain & aftermarket products, building & homebuilding products, durable consumer products, foodservice providers and media companies

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  • Consumer staples →
  • Consumer staples
    $1.1b invested

    Consumer staples

    Types of companies within the consumer staples sector: producers and sellers of basic personal care, food & beverage, apparel and related products

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  • Energy →
  • Energy
    $161m invested


    Types of companies within the energy sector: providers of products and services that support the upstream, midstream and/or downstream oil and gas industry

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  • Financial →
  • Financial
    $290m invested


    Types of companies within the financial sector: asset managers, investment funds and other providers of financial services

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  • Healthcare →
  • Healthcare
    $1.8b invested


    Types of companies within the healthcare sector: outpatient medical/dental providers & ambulatory surgical centers, prescription & over-the-counter pharmaceuticals, specialty pharmacies, medical equipment & supplies and medical research services

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  • Industrials →
  • Industrials
    $2.6b invested


    Types of companies within the industrials sector: aerospace, heavy manufacturing, capital equipment, commercial & public construction, electronic components and supporting businesses

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  • Materials →
  • Materials
    $385m invested


    Types of companies within the materials sector: paper & forest products and chemical manufacturers

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  • Services →
  • Services
    $1.6b invested


    Types of companies within the services sector: business and consumer services

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  • Technology →
  • Technology
    $605m invested


    Types of companies within the technology sector: providers of computer hardware & software and related consulting services

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  • Telecommunications →
  • Telecommunications
    $32m invested


    Types of companies within the telecommunications sector: providers of telephone and data services

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Information as of March 31, 2024, and does not include the Small Cap strategy.

$10.7b invested

How we invest

Our expertise, experience and flexibility allow us to customize our offerings and successfully execute on both straightforward and complex transactions.

Broad industry focus

Maturities up to 7 years

Competitive risk-based pricing

Sponsored & non-sponsored transactions

What we look for

Middle market investments Small cap investments*

> $5m


$15m - $150m

Investment underwriting

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< $5m


$4m - $15m

Investment underwriting

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Middle market investments

> $5m


$15m - $150m

Investment underwriting

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Small cap investments*

< $5m


$4m - $15m

Investment underwriting

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*The Small Cap strategy, as well as any funds and investments related thereto, is managed by a licensed fund manager in the SBIC Program under the U.S. Small Business Administration, LBC Small Cap Management, L.P., which while owned by certain senior executives of LBC Credit Management, L.P. (“LBC Credit”), is separate and distinct from LBC Credit. For additional information, please contact [email protected]. With respect to LBC Credit Partners VI Feeder LP that are offered in Japan, LBC Credit Funding VI LP will provide to any member of the Japanese public a copy of such documents as are required to be made publicly available pursuant to Article 63 of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act of Japan. Please contact [email protected] to request such documents.


When we invest

  • Acquisitions / buyouts
  • Growth capital
  • Recapitalizations
  • Refinancings
  • Restructurings

What we offer

  • Senior Secured Loans
  • Bifurcated Loans
  • Unitranche Loans
  • Junior Secured Loans
  • Mezzanine Loans
  • Equity Co-Investments

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